Top Birmingham Injury Attorneys

Lewis, Feldman & Lehane, LLC
The firm represents those who have been injured or affected by other's negligence, wantonness or intentional acts. The firm's areas of concentration include personal injury, wrongful death, automobile, truck and motorcycle wrecks, bicycle crashes, dog bites, food poisoning, misfilled prescriptions, slip and fall, lemon law, Social Security disability, fraud, and workers' compensation.
Address : 2229 1st Ave. North, Birmingham, AL 35203
Phone : (888) 295-7409

Wettermark & Keith, LLC.
The law office of Wettermark & Keith, LLC., is dedicated to serving justice to those wrongfully injured in the greater Alabaman, Tennessee, and Florida areas. Regardless of where you or a loved one were injured, the professional injury attorneys at Wettermark & Keith, LLC., are here to help.
Address : 750, 2101 Highland Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35205
Phone : 205.993.9500

Belt Law Firm
Our litigation skills extend to personal injury, car accidents, product liability, class actions, environmental contamination, traumatic brain injuries, insurance fraud and bad faith insurance, workplace accidents, workers’ compensation and numerous other personal injury practice areas.
Address : 2204 Lakeshore Drive #208, Birmingham, AL 35209
Phone : 205-933-1500

Farris, Riley & Pitt
The attorneys at Farris, Riley & Pitt have been handling personal injury accident cases since the firm’s founding in 1996. Practice areas: Personal injury, car accidents, negligence, product defects, wrongful death, and more.
Address : 2025 3rd Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203
Phone : (205) 324-1212

Drake Law Firm
We are a 100 percent personal injury and wrongful death litigation firm based in Birmingham, Alabama, and serving clients' needs throughout Alabama. Our Birmingham personal injury attorneys have experience handling even the most complex and catastrophic of injuries.
Address : 1000 Urban Center Drive, Suite 550, Birmingham AL 35242
Phone : 205-545-8216